Itris chooses Data Privacy Guard to anonymise privacy-sensitive data of their customers

Itris chooses Data Privacy Guard to anonymise privacy-sensitive data of their customers


Itris is one of the largest Dutch software development organisations in the housing corporation market in the Netherlands with more than 70 organisations using the Itris developed solutions. Itris focusses on developing software through co-creation with their customers to provide value in standardisation, digitalisation and automation of their processes.

To test changes introduced with new releases of the, by Itris developed, software, Itris facilitates testing environments where customers can test and analyse the impact of the new features and modifications. These testing environments contain a copy of the production environment of the customer so customers can measure the impact on their own data. However, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) states that testing on copies of production environment with un-anonymised data is not allowed. To make sure the privacy sensitive data of the customers is protected, Itris implemented and uses Data Privacy Guard.

Data Privacy Guard makes it possible for customers of Itris to test the impact of new software releases in a production like manner, while the privacy of the customer’s clients is protected. By using Data Privacy Guard’s anonymisation algorithms information about employees and tenants cannot be used to identify a real person, while the environments stay usable for testing purposes.

Itris selected Data Privacy Guard after a thorough selection proces with different anonymisation solutions. Key reasons why Data Privacy Guard was selected were the flexibility of the solution, the advanced anonymisation algorithms included and the secure manner of the anonymisation proces. Through the customisable configuration of Data Privacy Guard, Itris employees can configure and customise the entire anonymisation proces themselves and make sure it provides a perfect fit to the customers environment.

With Dataheroes we found a partner that wants to work closely together with us to provide services around anonymisation of privacy sensitive data. From visiting our customers together and learning where their challenges are, to optimising Data Privacy Guard to perfectly fit the customers environments. Dataheroes plays an important role in the optimisation and implementation of data security inside our products and services.

Ernst Visser – Data Protection Officer Itris

Itris and Dataheroes work closely together to build an optimal anonymisation service to Itris’s customer base. This happens through closely working with customers, developing and optimising the anonymisation methods in Data Privacy Guard and constantly innovating the capabilities of Data Privacy Guard.

Want to learn more about Data Privacy Guard, or how Itris uses Data Privacy Guard to protect the privacy sensitive data of their customers? Feel free to contact us and we will gladly show you how Data Privacy Guard can help your organisation protect the privacy of its customers and employees!

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