How Dataheroes supports Bricklog with its data integration challenges

How Dataheroes supports Bricklog with its data integration challenges


Bricklog combines years of experience in logistics with a passion for new technologies. Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Bricklog supports (family) businesses in the logistics sector. With their focus on innovation, proven methods from other sectors, and with a dash of boldness, Bricklog explores the limits of their curiosity with the purpose to elevate the logistics sector to a higher level.

Because of their datadriven approach, Bricklog requires a secure, stable, and innovative data platform architecture to receive, process, and analyze data in all shapes and sizes. Bricklog selected Dataheroes as their preferred partner to support them in developing and maintaining their data platform.

“With Dataheroes we’ve found a partner that can bring innovation, security, and reliability to our data platform. Thanks to this partnership we are always one step ahead of the competition in terms of applying new technologies and innovations to our solutions. Now we can focus on developing data analytics, storage and IoT solutions that perfectly fit our clients’ needs. With Data Privacy Guard, Dataheroes also provides the security for handling privacy sensitive data where needed, making sure we are fully compliant to the GDPR rules and regulations.”

Mark Jansen, Insights Manager Bricklog

Are you interested in what Dataheroes can do for your organization in the fields of data architecture, innovation, and the protection of privacy sensitive data through Data Privacy Guard? We would love to get in touch with you!

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