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Support for all major data formats

Data Privacy Guard can connect to all major types of data storage, like relational databases, flat files, and cloud based data storage solutions.

Supported platforms

Relational Database Management Systems

  • Microsoft SQL Server

    Supported versions: SQL Server 2005 or higher

  • Oracle

    Supported versions: 11g or higher

  • Progress *
  • MySQL *

Non-relational flat file types

  • CSV
  • XML *
  • JSON *

Cloud based data storage solutions

  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure SQL Managed Instance
  • Azure Blob Storage

* Marked data targets will be supported in an upcoming Data Privacy Guard release.

Is your data format not supported yet?

If your data resides in a data format or platform that is not yet supported by Data Privacy Guard, we would love to get in touch and build a connector for it!