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Protect the privacy of your employees and clients

Data Privacy Guard fully anonymizes your privacy-sensitive data, while maintaining usability for your testing, development and analytical processes.

Just about any data format

From relational databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server to flat CSV-files, we support just about any data format. Is your data stored in the cloud? Data Privacy Guard can anonymize it.

Configured in a matter of minutes

Anonymize your data faster than ever through our simple 4-step implementation process.

Anonymization methods that suit your needs

Data Privacy guard offers a wide set of anonymization and pseudonymization methods. From completely randomizing your columns to anonymizing based on specific conditions, there is always a method that suits your needs.

More features

  • Auto-detect sensitive data

    Privacy-sensitive data is automatically detected with algorithms that combine schema exploration and machine learning techniques.

  • Easy configuration

    Customize Data Privacy Guard to completely suit your needs by using our graphical user interface or configuration files.

  • Unrivalled performance

    Anonymize your dataset faster than ever with our parallel and concurrent processing techniques.

  • Flexible integration

    Data Privacy Guard can easily be integrated into your development pipelines because of our dynamic configuration files.

  • Developed with our customers

    We work closely with our customers to continuously optimize our solution and to suit our customer’s needs.

  • Full reporting and auditing

    Use our reporting functionalities to easily see what, how, and when a dataset was anonymized.

Do you want to know more about Data Privacy Guard and how it can support your organization?

We would love to show you Data Privacy Guard in action or help you organize a trial implementation.