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From high-level architecture to hands-on consultancy

Dataheroes specializes in various data platform areas. From high-level data architecture to hands-on consultancy in dealing with data engineering and data science challenges. With more than 20 years of experience of working on data in all shapes and sizes, there is no challenge we shy away from.

  • Architecture

    We help translate your strategic goals into a data architecture. With a data architecture designed for your business, we provide advice on how you can organize yourself in the areas of data governance, data lineage and security.

  • Engineering

    As your organization uses many different data sources, both from inside and outside your organization, it has become a challenge to process this data in a standardized and effective way. Dataheroes can help with the design and implementation of data pipelines, to achieve the most effective transport and transformation of your data.

  • Science

    Are you ready for the next step in the field of data analytics? Together we explore your organization’s opportunities. Dataheroes offers certified knowledge and specializes in implementing data science solutions that complement your business processes.

  • Infrastructure

    You want your data to always be available, whenever and wherever you are. Fast and secure. We help your organization design and implement a data infrastructure. Do you already have a data infrastructure? We can compare it to industry best-practices and offer advise where improvements can be made.

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